Valentines date ideas

Hey guys! Valentines Day is coming up.  Have you thought about what you are going to do with your lover?  Well read along and get ahead of the game with these awesome ideas. 


Date ideas:

  1. Have breakfast in bed.  Who says you can’t start off the morning of Valentines day with waffles and mimosas? Given you don’t work since this year the day is on Wednesday! Get up a little early to prepare breakfast for you two. I’m thinking waffles, fruit, and bacon.  My husband loves bacon and I couldn’t imagine not starting our day off with his favorite breakfast food. (I’m going to make them into a heart and fry them up that way).  Get a heart shaped waffle iron and some champagne and get cozy with each other before starting the day! 
  2. Gather a whole bunch of rom coms and cuddle on the couch with your blankets and coffee and get lost in the TV.  My favorite is the notebook of course. 
  3. Make lunch together.  Make heart shaped food items like sandwiches, hamburgers, even heart shaped fruit!
    1. Here are some heart shaped supplies to get you started:
  4. Take the lunch you made together and go for a picnic outdoors! Get this cute picnic basket to put all your goodies in! 
  5. Give each other back massages with essential oils and lotions.  Ooo la la.  
  6. Build a fort in the living room and play board games.
  7. Try on your sexiest clothes for each other.
  8. Whisper in their ear about the things you love about them.
  9. Go for a sunset run/hike
  10. Watch the sunset or sunrise.
  11. Go out for fro yo and only use toppings that are red, white, purple, and pink
  12. Grab some a couple of different wines and cheeses and go have a “wine tasting”. 
  13. Instead of spending lots of money, go shopping for your own ingredients then make dinner together with candles and flowers.  To make it even more fun, you pick out the dessert ingredients and he picks out the dinner ingredients and you have to be surprised by what each other person makes. 🙂 
  14. Take a bath together.  
  15. Sing sappy love songs to each other.
  16. Go for a bike ride together.
  17. Plan a scavenger hunt and hind cute little notes and cue that will lead him or her to your big present. 
  18. Wear matching t-shirts and go bowling
  19. Go to an arcade and win each other prizes 
  20. Last but not least, just be with each other and take advantage of the time you get to spend with the one you love.  Just go with the flow. 

Hope this helps 






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