Command Center

Our house is so busy most of the time that a lot of the house responsibilities or chores are often overlooked or just totally ignored.  I decided that it would be a good idea to make a command center for our communications about house chores, dinners, what days I work, and what our plans are for that week.  We have compromised on the chores we don’t mind doing and the ones absolutely hate doing.  I got a whiteboard and added our names to it and we made a schedule to help us take care of the house and give us more relaxation time.  I also got a cork board to help with our communications of bills, phone numbers, whats going on with the dogs and so-on.  We’ve only been using this method for two days, but it has helped so much with our communication and has even made my husband feel better about helping around the house.

Instead of nagging about it and constantly reminding him, the board does it for me  🙂

If you are having trouble getting the other person to help around the house or just want to have more time together not doing chores everyday, this is a great way to just lay it on the table and tackle it together!


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