Holiday Season

The holiday’s are here! I know its can be a stressful time, but we have to remember the real reason for the season! I am here to give your tips, ideas, and a piece of mind.  So lets get started!

First thing is first, making sure your list is written down and a budget is there.  My husband and I talked about our budget and how much we are doing for each and it has kept us on track.  I think locking down a budget and sticking to it is not only good for your budget, but also good for your marriage.

Now that you have a budget and an organized list of who to buy for and what to buy, the research begins.  Check out some of my list of ideas for the essential family members.

Mom: pajamasHouse shoes Spa setFitbit

Dad: Toolkit,Thermal Wool SocksAmazon PaperwhiteThermos

Grandparents: Wine rackCoffee mugs ,  

Sisters: Beanies, pajamas, lotions, Wine Glasses

Brothers: Camping Marshmallow SticksSurvival kit, Car trash can

(as the month goes on, I will update everyday more gift ideas for other people and continue to help with ideas for every budget).

***Check back this week as I will give ideas for secret Santa and your husband/wife***

Now before I go, I want to leave you all with a couple of things to help you stay organized throughout the holiday season.  Check out these items that can help you stay on track, organized, and happy throughout the rest of the year.

(I have these items and they have been a life saver. Get them now so once the holidays are over, your clean up is easy)

Ornament storage

Wrapping Paper Storage

nutcracker holder

Wreath Holder


Connect with y’all soon! Hope you enjoyed!






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