Food Prepping- Freezer meals

Man has life been busy lately.  Next week is even busier as I am working more than usual.  I took a challenge today and boy did it take the energy out of me, but it is going to be so worth it!  I made five meals for next week as well as my own breakfast sandwiches and healthy breakfast burritos for my on the go mornings.  I am hoping this will help me with my time management because I spend most of my days cooking and prepping in the kitchen then I do just relaxing and hanging out.  If this really does help our schedules, then I will probably do food prepping for most of my weeks in my life.  I started taking pictures at the beginning of my meal preps, but then I got tired and forgot haha.  Here are a few of the food preps that I made.  I am really hoping this will allow me to relax more and just let the crock pot or the oven cook for me when I get home!


I will update you all on how this food prepping has changed my life!



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