Hi everyone!

This is my very first blog post, so please bare with me as I am learning this new blogging site.  If you haven’t read my about me section yet, I am a military wife, registered nurse, baker, and netflixer.  I enjoy playing with my dogs, eating junk food, and making crafts.  I have a French bulldog and a boxer and I have moved from Houston, TX all the way to Whidbey Island, WA.  I never imagined myself as being a military wife who had to travel to different states and be far away from my family.  I got married in June of this year and never thought it would be this hard to be away from my family and friends.  What was I thinking?!?! I love my man, I will support him through anything, he is serving our country after all.  I was all excited to do this, until we got settled and I realized I had no friends here.  I did get a part-time job and have made awesome friends with my co-workers, but I just don’t have that one girlfriend or person I can just go out with and have coffee with or just go shopping and do all the girly things I like to do that my husband doesn’t quite care for.  So this blog is a way for me to connect with similar people who are in my shoes and to just share my experiences as I go on this journey of life with the military and moving from place to place.  I will try to be as prompt as I can, so please bare with me.  Thanks for visiting my blog and hope to connect with y’all soon!

Healthy Power Smoothie

Hey there! SO today was day 9 of my power smoothies.  I have been drinking these and they are a great way to start out my morning.  Its so yummy and I recommend getting a Ninja Blender.  I love mine and all I have to do is put the lid on top and off to work I go! 

Try out this recipe:

1 organic banana 

1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries

3 tablespoons of oats (I use quaker oats)

1-1 1/2 cups of milk (your choice, but I use 2% Horizon or Almond milk)

*If you want to make it a bit smoother and creamier, I use greek yogurt.  Put enough to your liking but not too much because it can then become to tart.  

Blend all together for 45 seconds, but if you use your ninja, I just use the smoothie button.  


I have been using this recipe for the past 9 days and it fills me up and I am able to make it through at least 2 1/2 hours through work before grabbing my snack which usually consists of a power bar or almonds! 


Don’t forget to drink that glass of water right when you wake up! I am telling you it makes a difference!

Getting that Bikini Body

Hey guys! How are those new years resolutions going? Have you kept up with them?  I know I haven’t, but I am trying because I am going on my dream honeymoon in May (finally) and I want to have that smashing bikini body.  Here are some of the ways I am getting into a healthier mindset as well as transforming my body into a bikini ready body.

Things I am doing to get motivated and stay healthy:

  1. Drinking more water.  I cannot tell you how good I feel now that I have put those Diet Dr. Pepper’s down and switched to water.  I drink probably 4- bottles of my Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle a day.  This not only helps me feel more energized, but it gets rid of those mid-day headaches.
  2. Healthy snack.  I am a snacker, and I have to have something to eat about every three hours.  This can be a bad problem, but I have learned to eat the right snacks. I’ve put down the Cheeto’s and Oreos and have switched over to yogurts, fruits, veggies, and nuts.  Having those in my bag or lunch box at work is a good way to stay healthy.  I am not tempted to going to the cafeteria to buy a cookie.  This also saves money if you meal prep your snacks!
  3. Stretch.  Stretching is probably my favorite thing to do in the morning before I start my day.  It just rejuvenates me and lets me get loose to start the day.
  4. I usually put on music throughout my house and dance pretty much all day.  This not only gets me moving, but the cardio that comes along with it is awesome.
  5. I park at the furthest parking spot at the mall or grocery store and walk.
  6. I find heavy things around my house, like cases of water and pick them up and walk up the stairs with it.  Its a good workout.
  7. I go to bed early.
  8. Stay away from the TV screen because then I am tempted to eat and binge watch.
  9. Including friends in on your diets.  I just recently started a diet with one of my work friends and it is easier to do it when there is someone motivating you and you are both trying to stay afloat.
  10. Always moving around.
  11. Meditating.  This gives me a peace of mind.  I close my eyes and just listen to the sounds and the quiet of the room I am in.
  12. Last but not least, I learn to laugh more.  Laughing is good for the soul and if your’e lucky enough, you can laugh so hard that your abs hurt 🙂


Valentines date ideas

Hey guys! Valentines Day is coming up.  Have you thought about what you are going to do with your lover?  Well read along and get ahead of the game with these awesome ideas. 


Date ideas:

  1. Have breakfast in bed.  Who says you can’t start off the morning of Valentines day with waffles and mimosas? Given you don’t work since this year the day is on Wednesday! Get up a little early to prepare breakfast for you two. I’m thinking waffles, fruit, and bacon.  My husband loves bacon and I couldn’t imagine not starting our day off with his favorite breakfast food. (I’m going to make them into a heart and fry them up that way).  Get a heart shaped waffle iron and some champagne and get cozy with each other before starting the day! 
  2. Gather a whole bunch of rom coms and cuddle on the couch with your blankets and coffee and get lost in the TV.  My favorite is the notebook of course. 
  3. Make lunch together.  Make heart shaped food items like sandwiches, hamburgers, even heart shaped fruit!
    1. Here are some heart shaped supplies to get you started:
  4. Take the lunch you made together and go for a picnic outdoors! Get this cute picnic basket to put all your goodies in! 
  5. Give each other back massages with essential oils and lotions.  Ooo la la.  
  6. Build a fort in the living room and play board games.
  7. Try on your sexiest clothes for each other.
  8. Whisper in their ear about the things you love about them.
  9. Go for a sunset run/hike
  10. Watch the sunset or sunrise.
  11. Go out for fro yo and only use toppings that are red, white, purple, and pink
  12. Grab some a couple of different wines and cheeses and go have a “wine tasting”. 
  13. Instead of spending lots of money, go shopping for your own ingredients then make dinner together with candles and flowers.  To make it even more fun, you pick out the dessert ingredients and he picks out the dinner ingredients and you have to be surprised by what each other person makes. 🙂 
  14. Take a bath together.  
  15. Sing sappy love songs to each other.
  16. Go for a bike ride together.
  17. Plan a scavenger hunt and hind cute little notes and cue that will lead him or her to your big present. 
  18. Wear matching t-shirts and go bowling
  19. Go to an arcade and win each other prizes 
  20. Last but not least, just be with each other and take advantage of the time you get to spend with the one you love.  Just go with the flow. 

Hope this helps 






My Routine as a Married Woman

Being married has its good and bad days.  I’m still very newly married, but I have learned so much about myself and my significant other.  We have FINALLY settled down after a hectic move and year.  We have some things down, but we still have some kinks to work out.  Check out my everyday routine and how its helping our communication and love life as a married couple. 


I usually have two routines so today I will start with my morning routine when I have to work.

0600:- Alarm goes off.  Yes I hit snooze a couple of times.   Roll around and moan for a bit, but then jump up and drink a glass of water.  Yes a glass of water.  This helps me replenish for the morning ahead and cleanse my body of all those deep sleep toxins ;). I also stretch for 3 minutes just to have a brand new start to my day.

0630- By this time I am kinda awake and have brushed my teeth and washed my face, and now I put on the coffee.  If I am in a hurry, I will do a Keurig cup, but if I have time, I use my new French Press.  

0645:  I have put my clothes on, my makeup, combed my hair, or put it up in a bun and headband and told myself in the mirror that I am a badass and I will make someone smile today.

0700: By this time I have the news on, looking at the weather and gazing into the television just to take in what had went on over night in the world.  I then make a smoothie or eat my oatmeal with my banana.  Take the dogs out, feed them, etc.  

0725: I am usually ready to head out the door, but I then go into the bedroom where my husband usually is, or if he has to work early were usually talking in the kitchen and saying our last few things to each other until we get home that night.  

0735: I kiss my husband goodbye, no matter if I am mad at him or angry, I still say I love you and we hug and off I go.  

0740: Before I drive out of the garage, I pray to God and ask for his blessing for a safe travel and for my husband to have a wonderful day.  I then put my car in drive and out I go.

0800-1700- WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK.  Sometime between there I have lunch, chat a bit with my patients and co-workers, they make me laugh, raise my endorphins, then I clock out and I am now trying to get out of nurse mode and into wifey mode.  This one sometimes is hard to get out of because if I had a bad day, a patient I was close to wasn’t doing so good, or I get chewed out by family, it takes me longer.  Driving home is usually my time to switch roles so I blare my music and just try to figure out what I am going to cook for dinner or what were gonna do when I get home. 

1730:  Walk through the door, I hear my husband upstairs watching tv or he is in his man cave doing something manly.  I find him and kiss him hello, and he then asks how my day was, if its bad, I usually say it was ok, but if it was really good, I say wonderful, and thanks for asking.  He then has finally learned that its best to give me a few minutes to myself to de-compress, put my bacteria infested scrubs in the wash, and get a snack.  He then comes up to ask me whats for dinner.  We talk and decide on a few things, but we always argue about food because I can eat anything and he can’t.  My husband is very picky.  

1900: Dinner.  We sit at the table 97% of the time, unless all our junk has been piled onto it for the past weeks and I haven’t been able to clean.  We then talk.  I have finally gotten him to turn the TV off and engage in our time.  This is usually our time to talk about whatever we need to.  After that, he asks (sometimes), “What can I help you with”.  Most of the time I say nothing because he just gets in the way.  Haha.  I love my husband, but sometimes its just best for myself to get it done.  We then turn on our favorite Netflix series and binge watch that until one of us is tired.  

2200: I am an early bird and like to go to sleep early and wake up early.  My husband IS NOT! We are still working on this, but its getting better.  Anyways, I usually tell him goodnight and love you and he will then feel bad and come to bed with me hehe.  But this is also my time to brush my teeth, wash my face, read a little bit of my book, then hit the sack.  I also tell myself I was a badass today and get ready for the next day…



Having a routine and letting each other know when you need your me time is crucial in a marriage.  Sometimes my husband is just always there and I need to do something for me.  I find it hard because I feel bad and don’t want to hurt his feelings, but if I speak up, he will then tell me he needs his time too.  Communication is key, and if you start early on in your marriage, your life and marriage will be full of joy and happiness.  


Stay tuned for my routine as a married woman when I don’t have to go to work 🙂 


Things that make me happy!

Hi there! I hope your week is going smoothly and the work week is flying by for you! I wanted to write about the things that make me happy because its very hard when you have a busy schedule to seem to take the time to enjoy the things that truly make you happy.  Read along to see the things that make me happy.  Feel free to comment below your things that make you happy.


  1.  Painting my nails.  This is something I don’t do often.  Painting my own nails requires skill and concentration.  This makes me happy because I know I painted my own nails and it only cost me $5 a bottle instead of $25-$35 for a whole manicure.  Try this nail polish, its my favorite brand.
  2. Listening to music.  Music helps lift up the soul and you can sing as loud as you want and no one will judge.  Unless you live with multiple people, but then its just funny.  Pandora is my friend.
  3. Blogging.  Blogging has become a part of me that lets me vent and write about things I am feeling on that particular day.  If you haven’t started to blog yet, I highly suggest you do it!
  4. Cooking.  Whats better than cooking up some of your favorite foods and then indulging in all of its goodness created by you!  I am always trying new recipes and re-vamping my old ones.  This makes me and my tummy happy.  My husband is happy when I cook because that means I get less hangry.  🙂  Make some amazing waffles with this waffle iron.  My mom loves it!
  5. Fixing my hair.  I rarely have time to do this, but when I do, it makes me feel happy because it actually looks like I took the time to actually get decent for the day instead of looking like I just rolled out of bed and into the workplace. Hehe.
  6. Coffee. Try this french press, it makes smooth, luxurious coffee.  I’m addicted!
  7. Wine.
  8.  Decorating my house.  It makes me feel happy to know that I finally have a home of my own to decorate!
  9. Jogging.  This releases those wonderful things we call endorphins.  Its good for the soul and mind.
  10. Playing with my pets.  Who doesn’t like a little bit of pet therapy? I heard that petting a dog once a day helps with depression.
  11. Last but not least, socializing.  Being able to talk with friends and family is just something that makes you feel happy to be around so many amazing people that have been a part of your life!

That’s all I have for now.  Remember to be loving, smile often, and be kind to one another, you never know what someone is going through.



How do you love to spend your “me time”?

Think about that question for a minute.  Do you love your “me time”?  I know I do.  What do you do to focus on you? Here is a list of my top 10 ways I spend my “me time”.

  1. Take a nice hot bath with candles and soft music.  (this is probably my favorite to do because its soothing, relaxing, and I get to enjoy listening to the music or just lay there without any distractions).  Try these stress relief candles from bath and body works.  They work wonders!
  2. Read a book.  Why no get lost in a book and forget your own worries?  Reading not only makes you forget about your life, but it also helps you get smarter.  When you don’t know what a word means, look it up!  
    1. My current read is this.  Good read for ways to be a better adult. 🙂 
  3. Baking.  I bake and bake until I can bake anymore.  Concentrating on something I love to do, is really soothing for me.  What is your hobby?
  4. Binge watching my Netflix shows.  
  5. Organizing my closet or donating items I don’t need anymore.
  6. Going outside (on a sunny day) to enjoy the fresh crisp air and maybe walk a few blocks, or miles.  Every day is a new day for sight seeing! 
  7. Drink a nice cup of coffee and blog.  (what I am doing now)  
    1. I just got my first french press, and I love it! Get it here
  8. Meditating.  This helps me release my stressors and get back into daily life.  Letting go of things is hard to do, but with this, you get to think about it, then let it go. 
  9. Pinteresting.  I am constantly looking up new recipes to try, home decor ideas, even budget tips.  This is a good way to get a hold of things you’ve been wanting to try.
  10. Last but not least, sleep.  Sleeping is good when you are just cranky and need to re-charge! Try out this awesome oil diffuser.   I put a few drops of lavender in there at night and it relaxes me and helps me fall asleep faster!

Well those are my ways I spend my “me time”.  Leave a comment and tell me how you spend your time.  I’m always up for my ideas!


New Year, New You!

Good Morning lovelies!  Its 2018! Its a new year, new start kind of mind set.  Sorry it has taken me a long time to get back to blogging.  I had a crazy end of the year with traveling,  working, getting ready for graduate school, and meal prepping.  I am so glad to leave 2017 behind, even though it was the year I got married to my best friend.  Anyways, enough about me, lets focus on you.  What are the things you will be changing about yourself this year?  Your morning routine? Your daily motivations? Your eating habits?  I can keep going, but just reflect for a second and think about what you want to do to better yourself this year.  

OK, TIMES UP!  We’re some of the things you thought about was exercising? Paying off debt? Eating right? Spending more quality time on you? Well good, because thats what this blog is going to be about today.  Read along for a guide to a new start, new you. 

Lets start with good habits.  Last year was rough for many of us.  Some probably didn’t know what was going to happen next.  Some probably started eating poorly, not excercising as much, stopped talking with friends, etc.  Well here is a guide to help with getting you back into a healthier lifestyle.

  1.  Wake up early and go to sleep early.  Who doesn’t feel better when they get a good nights sleep?  I know I do.  Waking up early not only makes you feel better, but you can get a lot more done and reduce your stress level by making the most out of the hours of the day.  
  2. Once you get up, drink water.  I have this water bottle and it glows every morning reminding me to drink water.  This will help cleanse those toxins from your body and start the new day fresh.  
  3. You time.  Every morning when I wake up, I take 15-30 minutes for myself.  Whether that be to be mindful and motivate or just to do something for me and no one else.  I sometimes pick up a book and read a chapter, drink my coffee while watching my favorite talk show, or even just showering a little longer.  It helps to get ready for what the day will bring.  If you have a large family, that can be tough, but communicating with your significant other or other family members, can help you get that alone time you want and most importantly, need. 
  4. Socialize.  This is a big one.  I struggle with this one a lot because not only did I just move, but I am in a different stage of life than most of my friends.  And sometimes I just don’t want to get out.  I can be a home body sometimes, but I need that socialization time.  Meet a friend for coffee and just talk about things that you cant talk about with anyone else, go to the grocery store with someone else and see what ideas they have for meals, take walks with them, DO SOMETHING! Its healthy and the more you laugh, the longer you will stay happy.  
  5. Choose meals wisely.  This can be challenging because sometimes you don’t have time to cook, or cant get to the store enough to pick up the meals, or sometimes you just don’t have the money to buy all the healthy options they put out there.  (I hate how they say, “Eat healthy its better for you” then its 4.99 for a bundle of asparagus).  I just learn to work around it.  Healthier options can help reduce the risk of diseases and helps the soul.  
  6. Laugh, sing, dance, exercise.  Releasing the endorphins makes you feel 10x better than before your workout.  You are happier, feel energized, and really feel good about yourself.  I dance all the time in my house and both my husband and I are cracking up and rolling on the floor.  I sing loudly in the shower only because I want my husband to hear me and laugh.  He needs to release endorphins too.  Do something out of your comfort zone.  You will be surprised of the outcome.


Paying off Debt:

This is a HUGE topic.  I don’t want to go through the whole thing just yet, but I do want to give some advice that not only I have learned as an adult, but being married and having another mind to chime in on my spending habits. 🙂 

  1. Put away anything you can into your paying off credit card debt fund.  Any little bit helps and will add up in the long run.  
  2. Cancel any unnecessary subscriptions.  Now.  Right now.  If you have a gym membership, either use it or cancel it.  There are so many free ways to exercise these days, its crazy to me to pay for a gym membership.  If you’re never home, cancel your cable.  Netflix and Firestick TV are just as awesome.  You get the point.  Cancel the unnecessary things in your life.
  3. When you grocery shop, make a list.  Check it twice.  Then stick to it.  Studies show that people who make shopping list often never go off of it and always stick to their budget.  Im not saying not to buy that one tub of ice cream you need for those hard days, but plan for it.  
  4. Use a budget app.  I use the fudget app and its pretty simple and down to the point.  It helps me get all our finances in order.  
  5. My husband and I have agreed that Saturday is the day we spend our money.  We buy our groceries, any clothing/ books/ movies etc that we have been wanting and thats it.  After that day we wait till next Saturday.  It really works.  You tend to spend less and end up having a whole week to think about what you want and if you really need it! So pick a day, and have have some fun.
  6. Last but not least, if you don’t need to use your credit card, don’t.  Use your debit card or cash.  Its easier to say to yourself, I have the money in my pocket, give it to the cashier, then its gone.  Credit cards can be trouble and if you only do it to rack up points, it can hurt you in the long run.  

I hope this will help you get on a healthier and more happier lifestyle track.  Cheers to 2018!